July 11, 2021

Life seems to just get in my way all the time! Not always happy news, but today is a good day and I want to show you some Birthday cards that could be either boy or girl. I had a request for these cards from my hospitals. Sometimes they have more boys than girls or vice versa, so gender neutral seems the way to go.

One again I am sharing cards from Debbie Caldwell, who always tries to send just what I ask for 🙂 Thank you Debbie! 🙂 Here are the cards she shared 🙂

All of these cards could be for any age or gender, at least I think so 🙂 The papers could be changed or the design adjusted and you have a great card to share with anyone! Plus, they are “flat” enough for mailing 🙂

Great job, Debbie, thank you! 🙂

I will try to find more cards that fit the bill for this type of card. “My” kids have had to mail a lot of cards this year because they couldn’t have a lot of visitors 😦 A number of our hospitals actually closed to receiving cards. We’re hoping to have all our hospitals back soon 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, I’m thankful for your support! 🙂

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March 20, 2021 Welcome back

I so seem to keep falling off the Earth 😦 I noticed the last post I made last year had cards from Debbie Caldwell 🙂 That’s where I’m going to start again. Debbie is a good friend and makes wonderful cards to share with our kids through Send A Smile 4 Kids.

Hmmm, it seems while I was gone, they changed how you add to your blog. So please, forgive me if I make mistakes.

Ok, well I figured how to get a photo 🙂 The photos I’m adding are all from Debbie Caldwell. Since there is still Covid around, I believe the hospitals will not be allowing visitors often. I asked for cards that are “flat” for mailing. I don’t want the kids to miss getting a card to their mothers for Mother’s Day 😉 These are cards using a lot of the same papers, but in different designs 🙂
ooops, my photo taking needs some work 😦 Over the last year, my hands have gotten a little shaky and I have trouble placing things, also my table that I take photos on seems not even 😦 I hope that doesn’t take away from these beautiful cards!

I have a link on the left side for you to go over to the Send A Smile 4 Kids blog. I don’t know how to put in a hyper-link anymore, hopefully I’ll figure that out. It’s a little strange working with this new format.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the cards that Debbie made and I hope to be back soon with some different cards for your enjoyment 🙂

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A New Year 2021

Where have I been? OMGoodness, the last two years have been a nightmare! My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. Two weeks after his surgery, I broke my arm. Then in 2020, it was almost a rerun. His colon cancer was gone, but some cells had escaped before surgery and went to his lungs. All of last year was spent fighting lung cancer. It ended this year when the Dr. said the chemo wasn’t working, the cancer was getting worse.

My husband decided to stop his chemo, he had his chemo port taken out of his chest, and he’s decided to live the rest of his life that is left, chemo free. It’s kind of like on TV, they say 6 months to 2 years, because that’s what other people have had. I’m praying for longer!

This will not be a blog about how my family survives with cancer. This blog will still be about hope, and helping others. I’m still going to show and talk about making cards and sending them to Children’s Hospitals! I’m hoping you will stick with me as we continue our journey to encourage kids with dealing with health issues. I’s not going to be sad, we won’t know if any of the kids don’t survive. Our job is to keep them happy, with encouraging cards for them to have and share with their family or friends, sometimes staff.

We have a grandson that we adopted 8 years ago who will be 10 in May. Also, we have a 14 year old granddaughter living with us who has mental health issues. We’re also remote learning, we are never bored! lol

I hope to see you again soon! 🙂 Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

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Happy New 2020…a little late

Hello all, thanks for coming by! 🙂  I have 3 grandchildren staying with me, and a bum left knee, but, I’m going to try and keep up better!  I am so thankful for anyone who still has my posts saved to show up when I post! 🙂

Today I have some Valentine cards from Debbie Caldwell, one of my Send A Smile 4 Kids donors 🙂

My granddaughter just loves these cards! 🙂  She thought the paper was so cute, that she begged me to buy it so she and I can make cards for her school! 🙂

Thank you Debbie for these wonderful cards, I know the kids at our hospitals are going to love them! 🙂

Thank you everyone for stopping by! 🙂  I hope you’ll continue to check in and see what is going on 🙂  I’m hoping to become more regular with my posts 🙂

I can’t go to my basement right now and craft because of my knee, but I have lots of cards upstairs to share with you all and my hospitals! 🙂



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Send A Smile 4 Kids 12-13-19

Hi ladies! 🙂  I’m sad that all of my crafts are packed so I can’t make any cards myself 😦  But happy that we will be moving soon! 🙂  I do have some cards from one of our SAS4Kids donors 🙂  These cards are from Rita Merta, and are examples of what you can do with Winter cards that are general sentiments with Winter themes.

Some very nice Thank You cards.  Winter themed, snowflakes, trees, coffee, cabins and Winter colors 🙂

Hello and Thinking of You, nicely done 🙂

Winter Wishes and Let it Snow 🙂  Thank you Rita for your great examples of general sentiments with Winter themes! 🙂  Great cards to share with our kids at Send A Smile 4 Kids! 🙂

Take a few minutes and check out the SAS4Kids blog and join in the fun of our challenges! 🙂

I don’t think I will be posting again until the New Year.  Most of my things are packed and I’ve sent out Christmas cards to all of “my” hospitals.  Kids will be enjoying your wonderful efforts this Christmas and I’m sure there will be plenty of smiles!! 🙂

Please have a wonderful holiday and celebrate whatever way makes your loved ones happy!!! 🙂  I hope to see you in the New Year!! 🙂


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November 2019 Update and cards

Hi everyone! 🙂  It’s been a roller coaster ride here since May!  More changes are heading my way and I just want to share that and then we’ll get to some cards.

We have been in the same apartment for 3 years and the rental company has decided not to renew our lease.  Our lease is up Dec. 31st, so we have been running around like crazy trying to find somewhere else to live!  Long story, short, we are buying a small house.  We will be moving on Dec. 23rd.  Yep, it’s as crazy as it sounds!

Once we’re settled in our house, I hope to be a lot more regular with my posts 🙂  Thank you for staying with me and being patient!! 🙂

Now, the cards I have today are all mine.  My craft room is a disaster! 😦  My photo taking area has already been packed and I took these photos on my work table.  I hope you get some inspiration from them 🙂  I’ve made all “Winter” cards.



I’ve used all papers from Echo Park, 6×6 pads of “My Favorite Winter”.  I used one sentiments from Stampin’ Up!  Also some plain cardstock, dies and punches from Stampin’ Up!  I did use some peel off stickers for the “Get Well” cards that will go to my seniors.  Everything else will go to Send A Smile 4 Kids!

You can enter our challenge and find out about how we support children at many hospitals across the USA, be sure to check out our page! 🙂

My broken arm has healed, but a few problems still remain and I’ve made all simple cards, because that’s all I can do right now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them! 🙂

Thanks for coming by! 🙂  I really do hope to do much better keeping you updated in the coming year! 🙂  I’ll try to get one more blog post out before Christmas! 🙂





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I’m back, yay! :)

I have been gone so long, and I’m so sorry! 😦  Don’t ever get “old”, because everything takes longer to heal if you break it! 😦

I had 8 fractures in my broken arm and it was not fun or pretty!  But here I am, mostly recovered and ready to share more cards with you! 🙂  So let’s not waste another minute and get to some cards! 🙂

I still have two fingers on my right hand that will not work properly, but I’ve adapted 🙂  I’ve been making simple cards for about a month and have some to share with you 🙂

Today I’m showing you ways to use paper and images for Fall “themed” cards.  Here are two cards showing Fall “themed” cards for Birthdays.  On the right, I used a pumpkin embossing folder with some Fall paper and a digital image that I bought on Esty.  I added the words to the pumpkin digitally.  On the left, I used some Fall paper and an image that I also bought on Esty, plus a gold sentiment sticker.

Here I used two more digital images from Esty, Fall colored papers, and on the left a black Hello sentiment sticker, on the right, the image came with the Hello sentiment.

Here I used a 6×6 Fall paper pack from Carta Bella, called Fall Market.  I don’t like how the colors turned out in my photos 😦  The cards are actually very bright and colorful.

In case you forgot, or you’re new here, I send cards to Children’s Hospitals as a volunteer for Send A Smile 4 Kids.  I also, separately, send cards to a senior center in honor of my mother.  Please take a few minutes and check out the SAS4Kids blog and see how you can be a donor too! 🙂

Now I have some beautiful cards from one of my card donors, Lee Mae Elkins 🙂

I think all of Lee Mae’s cards “speak” for themselves, lots of sentiments, all with Fall themes.  Thank you so much Lee Mae for sharing your cards and talents with our kids! 🙂

You can do the same thing with Winter “themed” cards, I hope to show you some very soon! 🙂

Thank you for coming by, I am so thankful for your interest! 🙂  I hope you can come by again! 🙂  I am so happy and thankful to be back to my blog and sharing what I love! 🙂



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sorry for the break in posting

I’m sorry I’ve been missing. I fell and fractured my right shoulder in 8 places 😦 I will return as soon as I can. Thank you for checking in 🙂

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SAS4Kids #187 cards 4 boys

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since I was last here!  I had planned on at least one more post in February, but I was sick 😦  Thankfully I’m much better now, just in time for the monthly SAS4kids post! 🙂

I’m glad you’re here and hope you enjoy the inspiration I have to share with you today 🙂  My card is a “boy” card, I know a lot of you have trouble with boy cards, I do too.  But this card actually came together pretty quickly 🙂

My Project

This card is using Stampin’ Up! stamp set Enjoy Life, all the images are silhouettes.  The sentiment is also from the set.  For the background I used a free image from Fred She Said Designs. Go here and scroll down below the bride, you will see I asked for this stand alone background, and Tracey graciously supplied it for free! 🙂  I resized it on my Print Shop program and I think it works great for this card! 🙂  It’s so easy to put together, I think I will make some cards for all of my hospitals! 🙂

I received some cards from a brand new (to me) donor 🙂  Her name is Jaydee and to visit her blog you can go here, Stampin! with Jaydee.  Jaydee sent about 240 cards!  It was almost impossible to decide what to share!  Some of the cards were duplicates, but there were plenty of cards for me to choose from! 🙂

OMGoodness, thank you so much Jaydee! 🙂  There are so many more, please visit her blog above the cards 🙂  These cards will be shared with 4 different hospitals in IL & IN! 🙂

While I’ve been sick, I received a several more boxes that haven’t been gone through yet as I didn’t want to touch the cards while I had germs!  I will be sharing more cards from other donors soon! 🙂

Thanks for coming by today, I appreciate your interest in Send A Smile 4 Kids and the inspiration our donors share with our kids! 🙂

I am a Stampin’ Up! Demo, so I do receive monies from products I sell.  I do not receive any compensation for any products I showcase on my blog from anyone.




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SAS4Kids- Easter

Welcome back! 🙂  I had intended to post another blog entry this month, and the month just flew by too fast, sorry 😦  But here I am, and today, I have a card to share for kids with Send A Smile 4 Kids! 🙂


I saw a card on Pinterest with these eggs by PaperTrey Ink and I thought they were adorable! 🙂  The green paper is Stampin’ Up! and the Happy Easter die is from Memory Box.  It was fun to put together with Stampin’ Up! inks 🙂

I have a couple of guests cards today 🙂  Please enjoy the Winter cards made by Trish Cudney of MN, where it’s still Winter as well as in IL!


Here are two cards showing what I mean by Seasonal, everyday cards 🙂  Happy Birthday and a miss you card.  Nice winter themes and paper, but with everyday sentiments 🙂

I love blue Winter cards, it’s my favorite color! 🙂  You can click on them to make them larger.  Winter themes with no sentiment can be used for any occasion! 🙂


Thank you Trish for these wonderful cards! 🙂  The kids will still be able to enjoy them during the deep freeze here in IL&IN! 🙂

Now I have some more Easter cards, this time from Vicki Luebke of IN 🙂


Thank you Vicki, for these super fun, colorful and cheerful cards! 🙂

I would like to thank all of my donors for their continued support of our SAS4K, kids! 🙂  You help bring cheer to our kids all year long, and I know they will have large smiles on their faces when receiving these cards and all the cards sent in so far this year! 🙂

If you’re not a donor, that’s fine with us, we hope you enjoy our inspiration and hope you might join us at some point! 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by, I’m thankful for your interest! 🙂  I really do plan on having another post around the 15th of the month 🙂  If you sign up to follow me, you’ll receive my post in your email 🙂




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