Something different-cut and fold templates

I wanted to show you a couple of cards that I made using cut & fold templates.  The template I used for these two cards are from POP UPs  Etc.  I started making this kind of card about 5 years ago using Lace’ (lay-say) templates.  Sadly, they no longer make Lace’ templates:(  Lucky for me, I bought a bunch before they stopped making them:)  POP UPs Etc. has a nice substitute.   I used template #6.

I also used flowers from Fred She Said.  They are pre-colored.  I DID NOT COLOR THEM MYSELF.  Really, the store owner, Tracey, sells images she colors and also images you can color yourself.  Since I don’t color that well, I like to buy the pre-colored versions.  I do have some that aren’t colored, and I’m sure I will use them, just not now;)

I made one in Blue, (my favorite color).

And, one in pink:

I used Peel-Offs from POP-UPs. Peel-Offs are the silver stickers I used to outline  the center image area.  They also come in gold and some other colors.  They are really easy to use and look like silver or gold heat embossing.  You can get borders, like here, corners, words, even images.  I’ll show some other versions at a later date:)

The templates do take some practice, and the paper thickness needs to be just right, but it’s a beautiful technique:)


Fred She Said flowers and digital papers

Fold em template, and Peel-offs  from POP-UPs

corner punch

I hope you enjoyed viewing something different today:)  Thanks for coming by:)

Janet Kay



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4 responses to “Something different-cut and fold templates

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love this style of card.

  2. Holly

    Beautiful! You know…I have a bridal shower in June to attend. Let’s make some cards! 🙂

  3. Trish Avery

    Hi Janet love your Lacee cards and they are always a pleasure to see. will go and look at that site.
    Hugs Trish.

  4. Meta

    Wow these are just gorgeous cards!

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