Family photos 1

I’m putting up some family photos to share. There are no cards in this post, you can ignore it if you like. You can click on the photos to make them larger.   More cards coming soon:)

Three of my grandchildren.  Iyanna, Lawrence, and Marshe.

Lawrence, my youngest grandson.



Lorlei, Gwyndol’s sister.

Gwyndol, my oldest granddaughter.

Gwyndol, Lorlei, Abby, Benji, Matthew.

One more of Lawrence, because he is so darn cute:)

It’s practically impossible to get them all together at one time!   I really need more photos of Abby and Benji.

Thanks for looking:)

Janet Kay


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5 responses to “Family photos 1

  1. ria van thiel

    lovely photo,s

  2. Donna Gendron

    Janet, they are all adorable. I know what you mean about getting pictures of all of them together. Grandchildren are wonderful. They fill our lives with such joy. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments with us.

    Donna Gendron

  3. Alison

    Thanks for sharing your photos Janet They are all lovely!

  4. They’re all gorgeous. Doesn’t Lawrence have the greatest smile?!

  5. Patsy B

    Beautiful and happy grandchildren!! Isn’t that what we were waiting for when we kept clinching out teeth as their parents were driving us nuts growing up??

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