SAS4Kids guest Diane H.

Some of you know that I’m collecting cards for Send A Smile For Kids.  For anyone who doesn’t know about SAS4K, it’s an organization that distributes handmade cards to Children’s Hospitals, in the USA and Canada.  I am collecting cards from people in the USA who make them and send them on to me.  I put labels on the back or add our stamp, add envelopes if needed and pack them by category. I then deliver them to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.  A very worthy cause and if you are at all interested in sending in some cards, contact me by my email on the side bar, or leave a comment:)

Now on to a card! 🙂  Today I have a card sent in for the children.  I’ve contacted the sender and she has agreed I can show some of her cards:)  I’m only showing one card today because I’m going to show you the inside, outside and the envelope!  This is not a typical card, so if you would like to send some cards, please don’t feel they need to look like this one!  I just want to showcase some of her cards because they give me some great ideas to share and learn from.  And they are just plain awesome! 🙂

The guest for today is Diane H. from ON, Canada.  Even her envelopes are all handmade!  Diane includes a sticker to close the envelope:)


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the handmade envelope, the big square appears to be printed off her computer.   The Arrr! is a flat sticker, and the coins are a 3D sticker.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’ve ever wondered how to use stickers to make an incredible card, here you go!  The island, water, trees and bird look like one big, thin cardboard cutout.  I’m saying it’s a sticker, but I don’t know for sure, I don’t think you could make something this elaborate with a Circuit machine, but I actually don’t know.  The little pirate is a sparkly 3D sticker, as well as the pirate patch.  The circle with words appears to be a computer print out, cut with a die or punch.  Under all that is the striped paper/cardstock.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the inside, now I have to say most cards are totally blank inside, you do not have to do anything on the inside of any card you send.  I am just amazed at the work that has gone into these cards! 🙂  A cute find a word game, a nice little saying, great paper and look at those cute stickers!


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the back of the card!  No, this isn’t required either, and as of yet, this is the only person who has sent cards in the manner.  But, wow, more cute sayings, stickers and some nice cardstock!  I had a hard time trying to find somewhere to put our SAS4K label!

I am very impressed by this card, and I know some child will be too!  But this is an example.  I am not promoting this card as better than any other card!  Children love to receive any card!!  That anyone would take the time to make and send in a handmade card, says so much about that person!  Please, if you are considering making and sending any cards, know that all types of handmade cards are accepted, as long as you’ve done your best, you’re cards are greatly appreciated!!!:)

I plan on sharing many cards from our cardmakers:)  Most of them are not at this skill level, but I consider them all to be wonderful cards!! 🙂 I am so thankful for every single person who makes and sends cards to SAS4Kids!!!! 🙂 


I’ve decided to share one more card, I just received permission to use it.  This card is made by Holly B. from Sherwood, MI.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAOk, this is a very good example of what most of the cards received look like:)  The inside and the back are blank, but look how cute it is! 🙂  Perfect balance, beautiful colors, and a simple design.  I love the jelly bean paper! 🙂  The little bunny is a sticker, and I think the Happy Easter is computer generated. It has three little sparkly, circle stickers up in the top left, and has multiple layers.  This card is a perfect example of a card for the younger children, although it would be good for anyone up to teens.  I think it would be best for children who might pull off 3D layers, buttons, or ribblons and put them in their mouths. Everything is glued/taped down really well and safe for little hands!  The colors are bright and cheerful, a wonderful card!:)


Here’s an update from the cardmaker, Holly B.  The sentiment Hoppy Easter is actually a stamp from Paper Wishes/Hot Off The Press, as well as the 3 Jewel Dazzles in the left upper corner.  The bunny sticker & jelly bean paper are Doodlebug.


Both of these cards are great examples of how to make cards!!  They both have a place to fill for our children.  We also encourage children to send cards to their families.  This would be an awesome card for a child to pick and send to their parents or siblings! 🙂

I know you come to see cards and not hear me babble on, I am just so passionate about cards for children! 🙂  Please share my blog link or the link for Send A Smile 4 Kids.  The more cards we receive, the more hospitals and children we can share with! 🙂

Thanks for coming by today, I hope to see you again!:)


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