Tips for SAS4Kids cards, or any card

Hi everyone! 🙂  I’m just stopping by today with a few tips regarding Send A Smile 4 Kids cardmaking, but can be used for any cardmaking:)

My first tip is about cardstock, card bases in paticular:)  I have gotten some really incredible cards for kids that are not very sturdy.  I myself, used to use the cardstock from WalMart.  Not any more!  Now I use, only for my card bases, cardstock from Michaels!  Not just any cardstock, I’m going to show you which one, I’ve found to be the best for card bases!


Michaels cardstock thick

You have to look carefully, they have a thin cardstock that looks very much like this one.  You need to get the Heavyweight, 110lb/297 g/m.  I’m serious, you will pull one piece out and you will think it’s three!  I have not stamped on this cardstock.  I don’t use it for anything but bases.  I make the base, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 (A2 size), this is an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet cut in half and then folded in half,  then I pile everything else on top.  I usually leave a small white border, no special reason, just the way I like to make cards.  Although sometimes I take my color cardstock all the way to the edges.  Scroll through some of my posts, the ones that aren’t guests, and you can see I leave a white border most of the time.

The best part is that you can use their 40% or even 50% off coupon when buying it!!  What a bargain, and the price isn’t too bad either, well worth the trip to the store!  You will need to score this cardstock before folding, it’s that thick!

My second tip is Glue.  Tape runners are good, I use them, but I also use Tombow Multi Liquid Glue.

Tombow glueI sell Stampin’ Up! and I know you can get it there, but, you can also get it at Michaels:)  You do not need a lot of this glue!!!  Seriously, I use a lot of very small dots!  If you gob this on it will ruin your paper or cardstock, just like any glue!  I don’t even recommend it for paper, just cardstock, but you could try it, just use it sparingly!  On top of my base I put my bottom cardstock or paper.  I usually use tape runner for all four sides, and then a small dot of Tombow in each corner and anywhere the tape may have missed.  You have to be careful adding your layers, because once this in on, it’s not moving!!! 😉  I like to make my cards to last! 😉 lol  I’ll put some photos in another post.

My third tip is Paper Trimmers.  I actually have two;)  I have a Fiskars that I bought before I started selling Stampin’ Up!, and a Stampin’ Trimmer I bought after I started.  I have to say, I love them both!  I use them at different times.  I like the Fiskars because it has a little guide wire that helps me cut exactly where I want to cut.  I like the Stampin’ Trimmer because it has the score tool and the cut blade on at the same time.  It lets both work without having to take one off to do the job.  If the Fiskars trimmer has the scoring blade on, the cutting blade won’t go all the way to the top to cut, kind of annoying:(   The Stampin’ Trimmer is a little bit longer so you can keep on both blades and use them both without any problem.  Also, if I run out of blades for the Stampin’ Up! Trimmer, I have to order them and wait for them to come.  With Fiskars, you can run to Michaels.  Although I have gone and they were out, but I usually plan ahead for these things.  Just some info to keep in mind.

A trimmer will save you tons of time, and your cuts will be straight.  Always remember to measure twice, cut once! 😉  I’ve actually marked my trimmers with colored marker at the A2 sizes:)

I am, by far, not the best cardmaker, I’m only offering suggestions that I’ve found to work.  This is my personal blog, not a SAS4K blog.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please address them to me in the comment section, or by personal email that you will find above:)

I will leave you with the link to the SAS4Kids Guidelines for making cards for the kids.  These are guidelines, we will accept just about any card you make and send.  Only “my” hospital accepts religious cards at this time.  I love square cards, round cards, shaped cards,  if it will fit in an envelope send it in:)

If you aren’t involved with SAS4Kids, that’s okay too.  My suggestions are general and can be used for any type of card:)  Feel free to visit any time for card inspiration:)  In April I will be giving away some blog candy for anyone who comments during that month.  More info to come about that:)

Thank you all for coming by today! 🙂  I hope you come back again:)


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  1. robyncockburn

    Great tips for any card maker!

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