Happy Birthday to me Blog Candy!

I’m changing my Blog Candy to May instead of April.  My birthday is in May, two of my grandsons have birthdays in May, and my husband’s birthday is in May.  What a great month!!:)

So here’s what I’m thinking…..throughout the entire month of May, you can make a comment on my blog, this will get you one chance to win.:)

You can send me a card for a “child” 1 year to 19 years, that will  get you two chances to win:)

If you make a comment during May, and send at least one card, you will have three chances to win! 🙂

If you’ve been following me for the last couple of months, you know I am doing volunteer work for Send A Smile 4 Kids, you can find my address and info here.   This is a wonderful group of people who make, collect, and donate handmade cards to children’s hospitals:)  Any and all cards sent to me will be donated to The Children’s Hospital of Illinois:)

What kind of Blog Candy do I have, you might ask.  I have 4 items that I will send out.  You will be able to let me know what your wish list is by numbering the letters 1-4.  One being what you would like the most, but this is not a guarantee.   These items have not been donated, all these items are from my own personal stash of craft items and are unused!  So here’s my list of Candy:)

A-From Stampin’ Up, Framed Tulips Embossing Folder.  I love this folder! 🙂




B-From Stampin’ Up, Tagtastic, cling mount stamp set.

pic80Samples were part of the catalog display, not included.




C-From Stampin’ Up, You Brighten My Day, cling mount stamp set.




D- From me, die cut outs.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI cut these out myself and took a photo, all are included.  I have cats in black, top center and white so you can color yourself.  Kittens, in white, below the cats, and black.  I have puppies, in Stampin’ Up! Chocolate Chip and white.  There are two guitars one in silver and one in black.  Bottom left is a boy on a sled in black.  I love all of these cut outs, so I thought someone else might like them too:)

So, now, I’m hoping you’re wondering what kind of card to send;)  Here are the SAS4Kids suggestions. You could send birthday, thank you, thinking of you, sending prayers, thoughts & prayers, have a great day, encouragement, no sentiment with a cheerful image, Father’s Day is in June, so that would be fine as well.  Please no Get Well, some of these children will not get well:(  We would like to concentrate on cheerful cards:)

I will announce the winners by June 15th, so please follow me so you will be notified of the winners:)  Also, if you send cards, make sure you include your email address and I will be able to notify you personally:)

I’m already planning on Blog Candy for the Fall;)

As always, thanks for coming by and reading my long note! 🙂  I’ll post cards with these items as I make them;)





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15 responses to “Happy Birthday to me Blog Candy!

  1. robyncockburn

    Looks great Janet. I’m sure May will be busy!

  2. Nanci

    Oh I love the guitar!! My husbands birthday is in May also. Great Month

  3. What a great idea, I love that you send cards that you make to the children’s hospital. I will send a couple cards your way. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day! http://www.ellestrash2treasure.WordPress.com

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  15. What a great way to get people to participate in sending cards for SAS4K, Janet. Excellent! And a big Happy Birthday to you and all yours who have May birthdays. 😀

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