Merry Monday #176, Freshly Made #209, and a tribute to a cardmaker

I have a lot to share with you tonight!  Two cards and then a tribute to a fellow cardmaker with lots of card photos!   First, I have a need for some very simple cards to send on behalf of Send A Smile 4 Kids.  I’ve made two to share with you tonight, the first one if for Merry Monday #176. I know if you go to their page, the title is very confusing, because this is #176, but the page says #175.  I know it’s #176 because I entered #175 last week;)

Merry Monday #176

I found this challenge, well, a challenge.  I was over thinking what I wanted to do.  I keep thinking I should add more, but that would defeat my purpose of a simple card.  Did I mention I was asked to make cards with no embellishments?

aSDC18018For this card, I cut some of the new Red Foil paper from Stampin’ Up!  I cut the paper A2 size and then used a die to cut out the center, creating a frame for the rest of the card.  Now here is where you might be confused.  The image is a pre colored digital image.  Actually, everything, including the black “chalkboard” are all digital images.

I printed the “chalkboard” with a white border around it, then added my “frame”.  The black is actually much blacker in hand, not so white and the colors pop more than I was able to get in my photo:(  But, you can see the shimmer on the left side of my foil paper;)

FMS Final 209-001Yep, here’s where I got my inspiration;)

aSDC18022But I made two cards! 🙂  This card will be entered into the challenge over at Freshly Made Sketches #209. This is what I did with the center of my “frame”.  The same info applies to this card, all digital! 😉  Now if you’ve never made a digital card, please don’t think it’s an easy way out!  Even with this simple design, I had tons of problems! 😦  I tried to print both on one piece of paper, but the program said I had used too much memory, so I deleted one whole card!  Still wouldn’t print, and it wouldn’t save either!!  I had to close the program and start all over!  How frustrating!  Then it would only let me do one card image, so I had to print one, and then flip the paper over and print again!

I don’t give up that easily!  It did let me save the last one so I can make more if I would like to:)  Maybe with added snowflakes, but I’ll have to stamp them because the program wouldn’t let me do that either! Modern conveniences to help make our lives easier, right?! lol


This next section is my tribute to the mother of one of my friends and fellow cardmakers.  My friend, Jill Blasche, who has sent many cards for SAS4Kids, sent in a large box which included a good number of cards from her mother, Helen Matrisciani.  I emailed Jill when the cards arrived and she told me her mother had a fall and was in the hospital:(

I kept in touch with Jill over the next few days, and her mother had come home and seemed to be getting better.  Then I didn’t hear anything for a few days, and I was worried.  I sent a message to Jill and found out her mother had passed:(  I don’t know all the details and it doesn’t really matter. Someone I cared about had lost her mother, I was so incredibly sad! 😦  It’s difficult to know what to say or do:(  How do you help?  All I could do was pray for my friend and her family.

I lost my mother only a year and a half ago, I understand how hard it is! 😦  Jill lived very near her mother, they did lots of things together!  Jill wanted me to express how much she treasured her time doing things with her mother! They loved making cards together and would share ideas back and forth.  Jill said that her mother gave her her love of art and crafts:) Jill said her mother was a very giving person, and I believe it! Helen was 93 years young when she passed.  I believe she will be missed by many, and remembered with love!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALooking at Helen’s cards, I can see where Jill gets her talent for using the same images or paper and making the cards very different!  The paper on the ghost card is the same as the skeleton only turned sideways.  And look at the two skeletons, both are very different cards using a very similar image.  Jill was a little embarrassed that I had said she uses the same paper, but actually, I am very impressed!  It’s a talent to use the same images or papers and make your cards look different!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAnother example, lots of similar images, but different papers and layouts! 🙂



SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAren’t these fun?!  Helen truly sent cards for all ages! 🙂

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI love these Halloween pumpkins, lots of color!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the last four cards I’m sharing.  Helen sent in an incredible 78 cards! 🙂  I love this orange hats floating in the air and the cards on the right are bright and shiny with lots of glitter glue that won’t come off! 🙂  What an amazing group of cards and they have already been shipped out to my hospitals, I know they will be loved by our kids!

It’s truly not what we take with us, it’s what we leave behind.  Loving children with handed down gifts and memories to last forever! 🙂

Hugs and prayers, Jill!







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9 responses to “Merry Monday #176, Freshly Made #209, and a tribute to a cardmaker

  1. Hi Janet Kay! So many gorgeous cards! Love that sweet tree! Thank you so much for joining us at Merry Monday!

  2. Nanci

    Very, Very nice tribute to Jill and her Mom.
    Well done Janet!!!!! Oh and nice cards also.

  3. my sympathies. I love the shiny red frame – great card. Thank you for playing along at Merry Monday.

  4. Fabulous array of card Janet Kay, I love your sweet tree, it is a wonderful CAS card. Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday.

  5. What a great idea to use that piece of red foil for 2 fabulous cards, Janet Kay! And what a sad loss of a dear card maker. What a beautiful legacy she has left in sharing her talent.

  6. robyncockburn

    A sad but lovely tribute. Love your chalk board. Oh wow! Those cards by Helen are SO wonderful. I certainly agree it is a talent to use the same or similar images and papers to come up with greatly different cards. I’m trying that with some of my Christmas cards!

  7. This is such a wonderful Christmas card! I love the background and tree combo! Thanks for joining us at FMS this week!

  8. Love the Christmas cards you made, Janet! The effort was well worth the result. 🙂 Beautiful tribute to Helen, too. She must have been a prolific card maker, and obviously so very talented. Thanks for doing such a lovely write-up. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  9. Thank you, Janet, for the beautiful tribute to Mom. She was such a talented and giving person. I will miss her very much but I see her in all the creative things I do. You did her proud!

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