The Friday Mashup #241 & SAS4kids

Once again, I’ve gotten behind:(  Once of my card makers challenged me to make a card and post it before the weekend is up.  Okay, she said it wasn’t a real challenge, but it got me up and motivated:)

I have a very simple card this week.  I have a unit on one of my hospitals for small kids, so this is what I made for the challenge over at the Friday Mashup #241🙂  This card, of course, is for one of my Send A Smile 4 Kids hospitals! 🙂


This week’s Mashup Challenge is: 
  • Create a project featuring a Monkey or Zoo Animals.
  • or Create a project with a Fancy Folds.
  • or Mash it up! and create a Fancy Folded Project with a Monkey.


The image on this card came from Doodle Pantry, and is simply called, Funky Sock Monkey. I think this is a great card for small kids, a large cute image and very little that could fall off! 🙂

I blog with WordPress, it seems I can no longer add my blogs posts the way I used to:(  I have to use their new & improved method:(  I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy, because I’m not too fond of changes, especially when I’m made it do it! 😦  So my posts are going to look a little different….maybe even strange, until I get used to this new version.  I hope it doesn’t look too different;)


Now on to my guest for today, Donna Wakefield! 🙂  Donna is from IN, and has donated quite a few times:)  I have some Valentines of hers to share, but first, I want to show you these awesome Star Wars cards she made! 🙂


You’ll have to use some imagination, because the photos do not do them justice!  These cards have lots of sparkle and shine! 🙂  The cards on the left has silver stars, and the card on the right has silver words, the top right is a black square with lots of silver sparkle, with a silver star, and the blue paper on the left side of the right card is one that when you tip it around, it changes, really pretty! 🙂


The card on the left has white background paper, but all the design is silver.  The Star Wars words are silver and it has some more of the black with silver.  The card on the right has the same things going on:)


I hate to admit, the only Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen was the first one.  Yes, I’m that old! lol These cards have more sparkle and the card on the right has blue paper that is actually darker than it appears and the words are all blue foil! 🙂

Donna also sent in some Valentines:)  I guess I need to keep my comments down or this post will be a mile long:(

Ah, ha, I learned something new!!  I’m hoping you can click on them and make them larger if you want to:)  Donna made some Star Wars Valentines!  Aren’t they cute?!  I think the kids are going to love them! 🙂


Ha, learned something else new!  Boy this is taking me forever to write!  I’m sure I’ll get better with practice! 🙂

These are all cute Valentines by Donna and I know the kids will love them! They are probably at the hospitals waiting to be handed out! 🙂  Or they may have already been handed out, that is totally up to the hospitals to decide how they are distributed:)  I want to thank Donna for the wide selection of cards, she did a great job! 🙂

I don’t mind multiples of the same card as I have three hospitals and I’m sure a number of different floors to be spread around:)

I want to thank all of my card makers, without you, none of this would be possible! 🙂  You can come here for inspiration or you can join in the fun of sending cards to children’s hospitals! 🙂  Just visit our web site to get more information SAS4Kids.

Thank you all for coming by to visit, I hope you come again! 🙂  You can also visit the SAS4Kids challenge blog to see what others are making:)





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6 responses to “The Friday Mashup #241 & SAS4kids

  1. I love your CAS card, Janet! I’m not a big sock monkey fan, but that little guy (or girl?) is so cute! Great job to Donna on her cards, as well! Love the Star Wars ones, and the froggy Valentine’s cards. Thank you for sharing these, Janet! 🙂 ~ Andrea

  2. robyncockburn

    Such a cute monkey – love the colours. Fabulous Star Wars cards. And so creative to make Star Wars Valentines!

  3. Holly Blaskie

    What cute cards! Way to go, Janet, at cranking that card out quickly! Glad to see your posts again. Love looking at all the pretty, cheery cards! Thanks!

  4. Super cute card! Love that cute monkey and the polka the background. This card is gonna make a sick child very happy! Thank you so much for linking up and playing with us at the Friday Mashup.

  5. OMG! love all the cards but OMG that sock monkey is so cute! Thank you for joining us over at Friday Mashup.

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