Freshly Made Sketches #228 & SAS4Kids

I know I say this all the time, but……I am so far behind!  I missed a whole week, I’m so sorry! 😦  I’m going to make up for it by showing you lots of cards! 🙂  First, I have a card for the Freshly Made Sketches challenge #228 🙂

FMS Final 228-001


This card is mostly digital, with my main image coming from Raspberry Road Designs 🙂  I can’t remember exactly which set it was from, but if you’d like to know just ask:)  The blue paper was also in the set, I printed it with the main image on Epson Presentation Paper-Matte  I really like this paper because it’s nice and thick so you can print and cut things and still pop them up if you would like to.  The sentiment came from a stamp set that was gifted to me.  I think it was Markie’s  Finest Paper, but I won’t swear to that;)  I mounted the whole thing onto a white base, because that’s what I usually do:)  Quite Simply Made, but I think a kid in the hospital is going to love it when added to a box of Send A Smile 4 Kids cards! 🙂

Now for more SAS4Kids cards, I have a number of guests:)  We’ll see how many we can fit in;)  First up is Lisa Simokaitis of IL, Lisa is a first time sender to me:)

Lisa sent these really beautiful Easter cards and a number of others:)  Thank you Lisa for thinking of our kids, these are beautiful cards for our kids and/or their parents! 🙂  I hope to see more of your cards in the future! 🙂

Judy Martin is from PA, and has sent cards a few times:)

Judy has done a lot of water coloring on her cards, lovely! 🙂

Aren’t these adorable! ?  I’m not sure about the chicks, but the other 3 cards are Lawn Fawn! 🙂  I love how she used the pink polka dot cut-out on the green card! 🙂  Thank you Judy for being on my team! 🙂

Donna Wakefield has sent cards in many times:)  Her cards are usually one of a kind, and they’re always great! 🙂  Donna has her own blog that you can go visit:)


Don’t you just love these!?  Be sure to check out Donna’s blog to see how she makes her cards!  Thank you Donna for always keeping our kids in mind! 🙂

Next is Andrea La Vigne from TX:)  Andrea has sent cards in more than a few times, and she also has a blog you can visit! 🙂

Andrea doesn’t send a lot of cards at a time, but what she sends are great cards! 🙂   Andrea also does a lot of water coloring:)  Thank you Andrea for always sending cards for the kids, I know they love your cards! 🙂

Karin Hendrickson is from MO, she also doesn’t send a lot of cards at one time, but she sends pretty often:)

Karin makes these really beautiful cards, I think they’re screen fold cards, but I’m not sure.  Beside Easter she sent a number for Mother’s Day, which hopefully I’ll remember to show you at a later time;)  I love all the cute images and the flower is just beautiful in hand! 🙂


Here’s a closer look, isn’t this wonderful! ?  She’s sent these in before for other holidays, these must be so much fun for the kids to sit next to their beds! 🙂  Thank you Karin for making such thoughtful, and fun cards for our kids! 🙂

I told you, tons of cards today! 🙂  Two more guests!  First is Jan Kloss of TX:)  Jan is a friend of my friend Jill Blasche:)  They like to get together and craft, so you’ll see some of the same papers used by each, but their cards are not the same:)

Jan’s cards are so cute, I actually used some for Easter and some for Spring, she sent multiples of each of these! 🙂  Thank you Jan, I love seeing your cards in Jill’s boxes! 🙂

Jill Blasche is a good friend of mine from TX:)  I love getting her cards, she always sends multiples so each of my three hospitals are sure to get some! 🙂

On the left are two of Jill’s examples of how she makes for my “regular” hospitals and for my “no embellishment” hospital.  She is so clever, they are pretty much the same, but the “regular” hospitals get ribbon and gems, the “no embellishment hospital doesn’t.  Not so hard, if I didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t see the difference;)  On the right, you can see some of the paper Jan used, but the cards don’t look the same:)


I love these two cards! 🙂  The one on the left is great for my “no embellishment” hospital and the one on the right is great for my other hospitals! 🙂  Same sentiment, but totally different cards! 🙂  Thank you Jill for always being open to a challenge and thinking of all my kids! 🙂


I hope I didn’t wear you all out today with all the wonderful examples of cards to make for kids, or anyone! 🙂  I can’t express how much my card makers mean to me and the kids I serve! 🙂

I want to thank everyone for coming by today! 🙂  I hope I can come back sooner to share some more great cards with you all! 🙂

Be sure to visit the SAS4Kids challenge blog to see more cards or to join in! 🙂  Tomorrow will start a new challenge, “For the Boys”.




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8 responses to “Freshly Made Sketches #228 & SAS4Kids

  1. Janet, your Freshly Made Sketches card is just gorgeous! The blue background really highlights that little chick plus the blue accents in the design. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of cards from your card makers. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s cards!

  2. Beautiful cards! Such talented crafters. Thanks for all you do Janet!

  3. karrenj

    Gorgeous collection of cards! And I just love how you’ve used our sketch for that adorable card. Thanks so much for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches.

  4. robyncockburn

    Oh your sketch card is so adorable! Love it. And so many fabulous Easter cards. They’re all so lovely.

  5. Holly Blaskie

    Janet, I really like your cute card!!! And I’m glad to see that you received a colorful variety of Easter cards for the kids enjoyment! Awesome!!!

  6. I am so impressed with your cards, Janet. Your colors and placement of design elements are so creative and well done. And you seem to have “collected” quite a group of lovely card makers. There is such a variety of styles that I am sure your hospitals are thrilled to receive all you send them. You do an awesome job! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. How sweet! Love the little birdie in the nest!

  8. Thank you for all your kind comments! 🙂 I read every message! 🙂

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