Send A Smile 4 Kids with donor cards

I’m back, I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long!  Today I have a card I made with the SAS4Kids blog challenge in mind 🙂  The challenge ending May 5th is, Punches and/or Die Cuts.


This card is actually for one of my granddaughters.  She just turned 12 and is very picky about her cards.  I did use a punch, and a die cut.  Her favorite color is red, at least for now 😉  She was very happy to get a “grown-up” card 🙂  She may feel differently next year, I guess we’ll see. lol

Now for some great cards from our SAS4Kids donors! 🙂  First up is Holly Blaskie of MI.

I love these cards, they are great examples of making different cards using almost the same supplies! 🙂  Thank you Holly for these beautiful cards, that either boys or girls will love to share with their moms! 🙂

Next is Tammy Gullett of IA 🙂

I love Tammy’s cards too! 🙂  Similar products with different outcomes 🙂  Now I know both of these ladies have other supplies, they have both been donating a long time! 🙂  So it’s not that they don’t have other supplies to use 😉  This is a great way to make cards that look different so everyone doesn’t get the same card 🙂

It’s also great for kids because they are often picky, they might pick one card over another to share because of the color or image, you just never know!  I could send all of these cards to the same hospital and everyone would feel they have a different card! 🙂 Plus, I have three hospitals, even making multiples of the same card would reach different patients, and in this case, moms! 🙂

It’s great for card makers, you have all your supplies out, cutting different colors, using different inks or papers, makes it easy for you to supply more cards with less effort 🙂  We want your card making to be fun! 🙂

Thank you Tammy for continuing to share your wonderful cards! 🙂

Next I have Lee Mae Elkins of WA 🙂  Lee Mae actually makes almost all different cards, she makes very few multiples, that’s just the way she rolls! 🙂  Of course, this is fine with us as well, whatever you have time to do and what makes you happy, makes us and our kids happy! 🙂

Thank you Lee Mae, for these beautiful cards! 🙂

All the cards shared today, on my last few posts and those that were went in but not pictured here, have all been sent! 🙂  My husband and I took them to the Post Office today! 🙂  Thanks to everyone who has donated for Mother’s Day,  I sent over 300 cards for the kids to share with their moms for Mother’s Day! 🙂

If you’ve come by just to check out the cards shared, I hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful gifts made to share with the kids at my three hospitals! 🙂

I appreciate everyone who makes and sends cards for our kids! 🙂  I appreciate everyone who stops by and visits my blog, and thank you to all who join our challenge over at SAS4Kids! 🙂

I hope you’ll come back again to see the amazing cards, even the cards that I make 😉



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6 responses to “Send A Smile 4 Kids with donor cards

  1. robyncockburn

    Ooh I love all of Lee Mae’s cards! The red, black and white is very grown up and gorgeous. You can never tell with them at that age. When Nicole turned 13 she had to have a SpongeBob Squrepants cake! LOL

  2. Holly Blaskie

    Janet, I’m really liking the crisp card you made! It looks fun yet classy!
    I’m really liking the paper Tammy used that looks like a map behind the 3 balloons! How very fun & unique! Lee Mae used a wonderful variety of colors as well as fun & cheery critters & flowers. My cards look so dull in comparison, but if you look at them a little closer, they look a bit better…
    They were still fun & I hope they bring someone some cheer!

    • Thanks Holly, you always leave such nice and detailed replies! 🙂 Your cards are not dull, they are just “your style” 🙂 If all the cards were the same, life would get a little boring, don’t you think?

      • Holly Blaskie

        I’m thinking it’s the bright colors that really make a card stand out/”pop”, so I’m working on some of them. I’m having fun playing with washi tape!!! I’m hoping they will be appropriate cards for teens and/or the requests you have for no embellishments, as these cards are flat. But they are bright colored & fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for the Birthday wishes, Holly 🙂 I look forward to seeing anything you might make! 🙂

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