Freshly Made Sketches #289 and SAS4Kids

I’m back, today I have guest cards for Send A Smile 4 Kids, and a card for Freshly Made Sketches #289.  So off we go with the sketch for Freshly Made 🙂

FMS Final 289-001

Here is my card:


For this card I used some images from Fred She Said’s store called Daisies & LadyBugs.  Right now she has brand new butterflies! 🙂  There are lots of options in her sets.  Here I used a cloud background in JPG format.  The flower and ladybugs are PNGs.  The JPG format has a white background, the PNGs have a clear background so you can layer your images.

I fussy cut the flower including the ladybugs and left it hang over the left side and bottom of the cloud background I cut in a square.  I think this will make a really cute card for one of our kids at Send A Smile 4 Kids 🙂

Now we have Father’s Day cards sent in by our SAS4Kids donors! 🙂  First I have Diane Herniman from Canada 🙂

The insides and the backs of Diane’s cards are always decorated too!  Thank you Diane for your continued support of our kids in the hospital ! 🙂

Now some cards from Brenda Zellner of WI 🙂  Brenda has done an awesome job of taking the same images and making them look different! 🙂

Oh, my, I see I’ve done it again 😦  My hands are getting shaky and my eyes are not as good as they used to be, I can see in some of my photos today, that they are a little   blurry 😦  I look at every one of these when I put the names on them, apparently my eyes are getting bad enough that I don’t see the blurry ones until I post them here 😦  I’m so sorry, please forgive me.  I’m going to have to dig out my tripod 😦

Thank you Brenda for these wonderful Father’s Day cards! 🙂  I love how you used the same image more than once! 🙂

On to Tammy Gullett of IA 🙂

Tammy sent in multiples of her cards as well using the same images but different backgrounds 🙂  Thank you Tammy, I’m so glad you were able to make some cards! 🙂  Please take care of yourself! 🙂

Donna Wakefield is next, she has a blog, you can visit here here 🙂

Thank you Donna for these great cards for kids to share with their dads! 🙂  Thanks for taking my challenge of sending at least 10 cards! 🙂

Lastly I have Jill Blasche of TX, and her card making friend, Jan Kloss, also of TX 🙂  I don’t know how far they live apart, but they get together and make cards for our kids, what could be more fun ? 🙂

Jill Blasche

Ok, now I know these cards were not blurry on the preview page, but the last two are blurry here 😦  Try clicking on the blurry images.  The plane cards are beautiful, I’d like for you to really see them!

Jan Kloss

Jan sent multiples of each of these cards 🙂  Thank you Jill and Jan for the wonderful cards! 🙂  I’m so glad you can get together, have fun and share what you make with our kids! 🙂

I want to thank all of “my” card makers for continuing to support such a good cause! 🙂  Even though I make fewer cards now, I really enjoy receiving boxes and sorting your cards into boxes for my hospitals! 🙂  You are all so talented and generous, the world is a better place because of you! 🙂

If you’re just stopping by for some inspiration, I hope you found something that you might be able make! 🙂  There is plenty of inspiration here for next year as well ! 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend ! 🙂  Please remember those who have fought and fallen to preserve our way of life!

Thanks for coming by today, I appreciate your interest! 🙂




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6 responses to “Freshly Made Sketches #289 and SAS4Kids

  1. robyncockburn

    Totally love your card Janet. Very cheery. And a feast of great male cards to inspire as well!

  2. Lee Mae Elkins

    Love your card for Freshly Made Sketches. Fred She Said is a great source for images. I have some already – I completely forgot about them! I think I’ll have to see what’s in there. Love all the cards everyone sent in for Father’s Day – thanks for sharing them!

  3. andrealavigne

    Janet, I really LOVE your card for Freshly Made Sketches!!!! Awesome design, and I like the “outside the box” look you got with the flower & ladybugs. Great Father’s Day cards featured here, too. 🙂 ~ Andrea

  4. Gorgeous coloring, perfect image for this sketch!

  5. I love that sweet daily with the lady bugs! Pretty card! Glad you shared it at FMS!

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