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Send A Smile 4 Kids 12-13-19

Hi ladies! 🙂  I’m sad that all of my crafts are packed so I can’t make any cards myself 😦  But happy that we will be moving soon! 🙂  I do have some cards from one of our SAS4Kids donors 🙂  These cards are from Rita Merta, and are examples of what you can do with Winter cards that are general sentiments with Winter themes.

Some very nice Thank You cards.  Winter themed, snowflakes, trees, coffee, cabins and Winter colors 🙂

Hello and Thinking of You, nicely done 🙂

Winter Wishes and Let it Snow 🙂  Thank you Rita for your great examples of general sentiments with Winter themes! 🙂  Great cards to share with our kids at Send A Smile 4 Kids! 🙂

Take a few minutes and check out the SAS4Kids blog and join in the fun of our challenges! 🙂

I don’t think I will be posting again until the New Year.  Most of my things are packed and I’ve sent out Christmas cards to all of “my” hospitals.  Kids will be enjoying your wonderful efforts this Christmas and I’m sure there will be plenty of smiles!! 🙂

Please have a wonderful holiday and celebrate whatever way makes your loved ones happy!!! 🙂  I hope to see you in the New Year!! 🙂


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